Michael Conkle eCommerce Marketing and Operations Professional

Born in Seattle to two World War II Navy Veterans, I am a true Baby Boomer. My roots are still here in Seattle having lived in the area for all but 6 years of my live.

Outdoor recreation has played a large part in my life beginning with my childhood. Early Boy Scout adventures (Eagle at 14) led to a life spent climbing and hiking the mountains of the Cascades and Rockies and running their magnificent rivers. The love and lure of white water led me to form Cascade River Runners in the late 70’s when the rafting industry was in its infancy here in Washington State. Most of the time in the summer I still have calluses on my hands from handling a pair of oars.

Years as a child thumbing through National Geographic Magazines created a fascination with foreign cultures. After spending 5 weeks backpacking through the remote and undeveloped parts of Mexico, I was hooked. This experience led to a 3 year stint working for the US Department of State in Cairo Egypt. This was followed by another 3 years living and working in the Caribbean managing Peter Hughes’ Dive Bonaire.

My wife Karen and I now own a nice little house in Yelapa, Mexico just outside of Puerto Vallarta. We get down there 4 or 5 times a year and rent it out during the season. (www.YelapaGetAway.com).

Road biking is an obsession which began while racing for a fledgling team at the University of Washington. I normally do over 1,000 miles a year and participate in many charity rides. The ride most dear to me is the Courage Classic which is a fund raising event for the Mary Bridge Foundation supporting battered and abused children.

My wife Karen and I have been married for over 30 years and have two great kids. We are a musically family with Karen being a classically trained pianist, our daughter Liz a singer songwriter - having recorded her first record at 15, our son Nick a nationally recognized jazz trumpeter and music major at Central Washington University. Myself, I'm a wannabe country singer.

Our home is in Seattle’s Greenlake Neighborhood. Our retreat is a nice little place on 10 acres in the Chumstick Valley just north of Leavenworth WA.