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This section is intended to provide additional insight to the experiences and accomplishments as outlined on my resume. Here you’ll find information on the companies I have provided Campaign and Operations Management Services for. Included are my roles within each as they relate to my career Managing the back-end components of e-Commerce. My most recent experience is at the bottom of the page.

e-Commerce. Campaign Management

This is managing every step along the way between submitting an order online, to having it delivered at the doorstep. The backend of e-Commerce. Management Services cover shopping cart systems, credit card processors, telemarketing and customer service providers, fulfillment and distribution.

Cesari Response Television (CRTV)

I was a founding partner in Cesari Response Television in 1995. CRTV was a Direct Response Television agency both, producing infomercials and purchasing media. My dual roles in the business were serving as our Account Executive and managing the operational components of client campaigns. We found that product innovators and marketers were great entrepreneurs but how to get products to customers was an unknown and daunting process to them.

I enabled CRTV to create another revenue stream from our clients by setting up and managing the operational component of their campaigns. During this time I worked with all of the major telemarketing companies, order processing and fulfillment providers, merchant banks and freight companies.

Cesari Interactive

I formed Cesari Interactive in 1997 as a separate division of CRTV. We provided the web and internet marketing component for our Infomercial clients. As shipping cart and order processing systems back then could cost well into 6 figures, I worked with our development team to create our own platform. Our financial model was one of “pay-per-order” which lowered the cost of entry for our clients and provided us with an ongoing revenue stream.

My understanding and experience in campaign operations enabled me to lead the development of our own proprietary web-based order processing system. This system included a robust shopping cart, merchant banking interface, an order administration and processing module, a fulfillment and inventory management module and a customer service interface. This system enabled our e-Commerce. clients to operate these functions themselves or integrate with other vendors. It provided significant revenue for our business.

Sandcastle Interactive

I co-founded Sandcastle in 2001 and served as the COO and Client Marketing Director. We were a website development and internet marketing company which served over a hundred clients. One of the keystones to our success was the ability to provide value added services of e-Commerce Operations and Campaign Management. I worked with dozens of clients who were brilliant entrepreneurs but had no conception of what it took to deliver a product to their customer’s doorsteps.

Live Foods Live Bodies

Working as a consultant (see below) I was brought on in 2011 as the Director of Web and e-Commerce Operations and Marketing. I played a key roll in the formation of this Infomercial driven e-Commerce business. In this alliance, we teamed up again with Jay Kordich the old “Juiceman”. The company manufactured and imported the Juicers in addition to marketing and sales.

In addition to directing our web and e-commerce marketing, I also setup and managed our operational infrastructure including distribution and fulfillment, merchant banking and customer service.

Internet Marketing Solutions (IMS)

In 2010 I sold my interest in Sandcastle Interactive (see above) and began working as a private consultant under the business name of IMS (www.internetmarketingsolutions.com). I presently offer services in both e-Commerce Marketing and Campaign Management. The focus of my Campaign Management is primarily targeted at startups and small e-Commerce businesses. I assist in their website development and selection of shopping systems as well as the procurement and management of merchant banking, fulfillment and distribution. I find working hands on with these types of businesses is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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