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This section is intended to provide additional insight to the experiences and accomplishments as outlined on my resume. Here you’ll find information on the companies I have provided marketing services for and my roles within each as they relate to my career in e-Commerce My most recent experiences are at the bottom of the page.

e-Commerce Marketing

The roots of my e-Commerce Marketing career path began over 25 years ago while working in the TV Direct Response Infomercial Industry. The basic business model of e-Commerce has not changed much since then. It boils down to maximizing the return on marketing dollars spent. This remains the guiding principal for the goals and objectives I work towards today.

Trillium Health Products

Trillium Health Products was the company behind the creation of “The Juiceman”. Working with Jay Kordich as our spokesperson, we developed the new retail appliance category of Juicers through Infomercial Marketing. Trillium was honored by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 fasted growing companies in 1991. My roles included directing our media buyers in the purchase of 30 minute sots as well as managing our affiliate program and direct mail operations. While at Trillium I developed the basis for a financial analysis tool that enabled us to determine break-even points for TV direct marketing campaigns. This financial model gave us the answer to, “What does my media need to return to begin earning a profit. This tool is still used in the industry today.

Cesari Response Television (CRTV)

In 1995 a core group from Trillium formed Cesari Response Television. We became a Direct Response Television agency both, producing infomercials and purchasing media. At CRTV we launched several successful businesses including Sonicare, OxiClean, and the George Foreman Grill. My role was focused as an Account Executive and managing client order processing, telemarketing and fulfillment operations.

How Does This All Relate to e-Commerce?

In 1997 I convinced a client to let us build a website and put a simple data collection form on it to take orders from their Infomercial. We put the website address with the 800 number in the infomercial’s call to action. The rest was really history. Internet revenue grew rapidly with the web’s popularity and it became a significant revenue channel for our Infomercial clients. This revenue was incremental, not cannibalizing normal sales through telemarketing.

Cesari Interactive (CI)

I formed Cesari Interactive as a separate division of CRTV to serve our infomercial clients. Our goal was to provide the internet marketing component to their TV Direct campaigns. CI offered e-commerce web sites that used our own shopping, order processing and fulfillment integration applications. This enabled us to take advantage of backend marketing opportunities at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mail and outbound telemarketing campaigns. Using both email marketing and “Friend–Get-a-Friend” affiliate referral programs, revenue from this new form of marketing was beyond imagination.

Web campaigns were supported as well with Paid Search advertising, still in its infancy and extremely effective. Click through rates greater than 10% and very high conversion rates were not uncommon at all.

Sandcastle Interactive

In 2001 I formed Sandcastle Interactive. Sandcastle was a full service web development and internet marketing company. I brought over our entire staff from Cesari Interactive to start the business. Our goal was to broaden the scope of our client base beyond the direct response TV industry. As the founding principal, my role was business development, account management and directing our client marketing operations.

Sandcastle rapidly grew as a website and web application development and Internet marketing company. Our client base broadened to include clients in health care, legal, health and nutrition, consumer electronics, and the mobile electronics industries.

Sandcastle provided paid search, email marketing and custom affiliate programs to our clients. By 2005, revenue from our marketing division provided 35% of our business. Clients included WebMD, T-Mobile Cellular, Davis Wright Tremain, Ronco, MonsterCables and SodaStream.

Live Foods Live Bodies

Working as a consultant (see below) I was brought on in 2011 as the Director of Web and e-Commerce Operations and Marketing. I played a key roll in the formation of this Infomercial driven e-Commerce business. In this alliance, we teamed up again with Jay Kordich the old “Juiceman”. The company manufactured and imported the Juicers in addition to marketing and sales.

Our online marketing efforts took full advantage of being able to leverage the broad customer base that was fed by the Infomercial. Included in the mix of our backend online marketing campaign was an aggressive paid search campaign, advertorial newsletters and email promotions. These were all coordinated with our blog and social media. I created a customer based affiliate program, “Friends and Family” that accounted for 20% of our total income.

Internet Marketing Solutions

In 2010 I sold my interest in Sandcastle Interactive (see above) and began working as a private consultant under the business name of IMS (www.internetmarketingsolutions.com). I presently offer services in both e-Commerce Marketing and Campaign Management. I offer Website Development, Paid Search Management, Email Marketing and Custom Affiliate Program Management. I mainly focus on startups and small businesses.

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